Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Enema for Sonnysan

What's with this tool?

The Tool Speaks

 Seems all he can do is rip on Mac-1, and yet he's NEVER built -or tried to build and market an airgun. Oh sure, he's got a few airguns that were built for him, but thats it. So how can a nobody like this (that doesn't even compete in any of the competitions that he slams Mac-1 for losing) slam anyone that has built at least 2 world class competition airguns, and has been in the airgun business all of his life? 

I'll tell you how. He's a jealous and bitter little man. Bitter because nobody really listens to him, and jealous because he wishes he had half the talent of Tim McMurray. 

Here's an idea Toolsan-how about showing Mac-1 and the rest of the airgun community how its supposed to be done. 

First, build your own world class airgun and bring it to the next major airgun show for everyone to see. Let all airgunners stand in awe of your technical prowess. 

Next, take your amazing world class, competition airgun, and actually compete in the FT nationals. Win that by 10pts, and because we all know you're the greatest shot in the world, attend and compete in the world FT match. With your skill, I know that you'll beat everyone by at least 20pts, proving to everyone that you were right, that Tim Mcmurray  is truly a short, useless, whiny, egotistical hack.

 Better yet, I suggest that until you've done anything that has a positive effect on the airgunning community you shut the fuck up.



Anonymous said...

Sonnysan is so in love with Tim McMurray it is shameful. He is so obsessed with Tim all he does is follow his posts on the airgun forum and then memorizes them so he can regurgitate them over an over again.

He is such a homocraviouscockasuckus. If he is not dreaming of homo luv with Tim he is doing it with SteveCT. This guy is such a manbitch he cant stay away from his imaginary lovers.

I probably should not have washed his balls until he was 30.

Sonnysans Mother

Anonymous said...

what a waste of time this is. Why don't you volunteer to do some community good rather than spending time on crap like this?

Anonymous said...

Sonnysan is the original in your face airgun anti-god.

You're basically a wannabe Sonnysan. Get a life or become a protege of Sonny and learn something.


Anonymous said...

Sonnysan is the epitome of coolness. He's already forgotten more about air guns than you will ever know. Plus, he has leet hacking skills and can evade Steve in CT's IP bans like nothing.

Jeff E. said...

Sonny, the Jeff E. want-a-be.