Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is how it starts

In the Beginning

So why bother to start a thread like this, when the inevitable is just around the corner:

Now, I know the originator of the first post was trying to compliment tuners, but others took it upon themselves to jump in and sling a little mud. I guess some figured there was safety in numbers, and that maybe some of the tuners were going to reply hat in hand, promising to give them the world. Well, as you can see from the second link, that didn't happen. 

This is what happens when someone-ANYONE- feels slighted. 

Its one thing to comment on the way someone performs a tune on your prized gun. Its another thing to attack their character (by basically calling them prima-donna's) on a public forum. 

And because of a few, the Yellow has lost yet another good guy who was always willing to help anyone on the forum with an airgun question or problem for FREE. 

Nice job guys, I hope you're proud of yourselves! Keep up the good work...IDIOTS!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who cares? If you know the tuner and/or have done respectful business with him do you think he's gonna tell ya to get lost?

Get a life moron.